Waterproof Labels and Weatherproof Labels

Waterproof labels are essential for many applications that involve moisture. Water bottle labels, for example, need to be able to withstand moisture, adhesion, friction, product handling, and other conditions. To do that, water bottle labels need to be made with durable materials and finished with a water and oil resistant finish or lamination for added protection.

Labels West manufactures custom waterproof labels for all your needs. With a reputation of craftsmanship and responsive customer service, we provide the highest quality water-resistant labels for your bath & body, wine and spirits, food packaging, and other application needs.

Differences Between Waterproof Labels and Weatherproof Labels

Waterproof, weatherproof, and otherwise water-resistant labels all provide their own advantages, but some are more suitable and durable for specific applications. Labels that are made with a water-resistant finish won’t peel, curl, or fade when exposed to oils and liquids.

Waterproof labels provide the same durability as water-resistant labels but hold up for longer periods of time and longer exposure to water. They can be used for long-lasting applications in indoor or outdoor settings when exposed to regular moisture. The ultimate in protection is achieved with film laminations.

Weatherproof labels are not only water-resistant, but they provide added protection from other weather-related damage. They hold up against rain, snow, and wind, as well as high humidity days without peeling or curling. They can also be washed with soap, water or chemicals without damage.

Benefits of Waterproof Labels

Waterproof labels and water-resistant labels provide a variety of benefits for a range of industrial and commercial applications. Waterproof labels need to be durable to withstand environmental factors. One of the main benefits of using waterproof and weatherproof labels is their ability to withstand a wide range of conditions including rain, humidity, heat, chemicals and more.

Additional advantages to water-resistant labels are: 

  • Durable in a range of temperatures
  • Printed designs and logos remain undamaged
  • High-quality labels that are also aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to incorporate into your current labeling process
  • Able to withstand all forms of wear and tear
  • Labels can be produced on our Digital or Flexo Presses 

Applications for Weatherproof Labels and Water-Resistant Labels

 Water-resistant labels are ideal for many applications, especially those that require added durability because they interact with water or environmental conditions. The waterproof labels from Labels West are ideal for:

Food Packaging: Labels for food packaging must meet FDA standards and be durable enough to withstand humidity and moisture. We provide many FDA compliant labels for indirect food contact.

Bath and Body: For shampoo, body wash, essential oils and other products used in the bath and shower, laminated waterproof labels are essential. We offer the experience and expertise to deliver custom labels for your health, beauty, and personal care products.

Wine & Spirits: Labels for wine and spirits can face refrigeration, humidity, and a range of temperatures. In order for the label to hold up to these conditions, they need to be made with the right materials, inks, adhesives, and finishes. Labels West provides a range of paper materials and films with finishes to meet your needs.

Outdoor Applications: Labels that are used in outdoor application face potential damage from sun, rain, wind, and other environmental conditions. In order for a label to be successful under these circumstances, they have to be weatherproof and resistant to aging, oil, dirt, and temperature fluctuations. Our heavy-duty laminated labels meet these requirements.

Custom Labels from Labels West

Labels West provides a range of waterproof, weatherproof, and water-resistant labels for a range of applications. We are committed to continuous improvement and unparalleled customer service, ensuring you always speak to a real field expert that is prepared to answer your questions.

We provide high quality, custom labels to meet all of your application needs. To learn more about our custom labels or to request a quote, contact us today.

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