Pressure Sensitive Labels

Labels West offers the highest quality pressure sensitive labels for use in any number of applications. Pressure sensitive labels are the preferred product for adhering to nearly any surface without additional bonding agents or processing beyond application pressure. These labels, also referred to as self-adhesive labels, are one of the most frequently used label types across industries ranging from health & beauty products to contract manufacturing to food and beverage packaging.

Creating Your Pressure Sensitive Labels

While variations in label construction certainly exist, the basic pressure sensitive label includes a substrate layer or face sheet, adhesive, and removable liner. The intended use of the label determines the materials and adhesives selected for construction and finishing. Pressure sensitive labels from Labels West are available as roll labels, single sheet labels, and fanfolded stacks to ensure a convenient application process.

Custom Appearance
Pressure sensitive labels can be manufactured to your size, shape, and thickness specifications. Choose from our extensive selection of custom profiles, or we can custom design a label just for you! Our precision equipment helps ensure the tight tolerances and detailed parameters required by many industries are met.

Face Sheet
Labels West uses a wide variety of face sheet materials, including hundreds of paper stocks including gloss, matte, uncoated, and textured; and films including polypropylene, polyester, and polyolefin. The face sheet is printed with up to 10 ink colors and can also be embossed or foil stamped. Pressure sensitive labels are produced on our high quality flexographic presses or our digital offset presses to ensure a premium product that has a consistent and professional look. Inks used on our labels can be water based or UV based, for more demanding applications.

Pressure sensitive labels are printed using distinctive materials and inks for security and tamper evident labels that protect product authenticity. We can also create multi-ply, extended content labels that are great for IRC coupons, health & beauty products, or special retail product labeling and promotions. They are also ideal for labeling small packages that require large amounts of printed information.

Choose from a variety of adhesives at Labels West, including aggressive industrial grade adhesives, waterproof, permanent, removable, ultra-removable/low tack and water-soluble adhesives. We also have the ability to provide special patterned adhesives.

Coatings and finishes help ensure that your pressure sensitive labels will hold up beautifully. Labels can be coated for resistance to harsh environments, UV rays, chemicals, or tampering. To give the finished label a premium look use a combination of matte and gloss sheens, or choose a coarse tactile finish.

Our extensive experience with label applications has developed our understanding of available materials and their performance in even the most challenging of environments. The Labels West team will assist you in choosing a label material and creating a design that will work best for your application. Our state-of-the-art technology and skilled staff will ensure precision printing and processing in a timely manner.

Request a quote on pressure sensitive or self-adhesive labels today or contact Labels West for more information.


Technical options available

  • Roll, sheets and fanfold
  • Estate® wine stocks including linens and other textured materials
  • Durable films and protective laminations
  • Clear no label look options
  • Aggressive waterproof adhesives
  • Foil stamping & embossing
  • Warehouse & Release
  • Standard 200 LPI screening & Stochastic screening

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