1. What are your minimums?
    We have no minimums but of course the larger the order you place the less expensive it becomes per label.

  2. What is your turnaround?
    Standard turnaround time is 7 to 10 working days but we understand situations arise and we will strive to meet the most challenging deadlines.

  3. What sizes do you have?
    We have over 8,000 custom and standard die sizes available.

  4. What shapes do you have?
    We have circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, 8" x 11" sheets and many unique custom shapes available.

  5. How many colors can you print?
    Up to 10 colors as well as foil stamping and embossing.

  6. How do you handle rush jobs?
    LWI will always work to meet your urgent schedule. Just communicate your need and we will do the rest.

  7. What is the largest size you can print?
    15.5 inches by 24 inches.

  8. Do you take credit cards?
    Yes, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

  9. Can you blind ship?
    Yes and we can ship internationally also.

  10. What is a max screen?
    200 line screen. We can also print stochastic screens.

  11. Do you color match?
    Yes. Please provide your sample.

  12. What is a standard die charge?
    There is not a standard die charge. It's based on square inches and the shape.

  13. What is a link?
    In the graphic arts environment a link is an element created in one program (like a photograph in Photoshop) and brought into a layout program like Illustrator.

  14. What is 4 color process or CMYK?
    These are the primary colors used to create a full-color image. The colors are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

  15. How can we accept art?
    Electronically using either a disc, sent via email or uploaded to our FTP site-please see our art requirements.

  16. What stocks can you print on?
    Paper, polyester, vinyl, thermal, polypropylene, foil, tag, plastics, kimdura, Tyvec, Estate® and a variety of other custom materials. Stocks can be pressure sensitive (with adhesive) or produced with no adhesive like hang tags or tickets.

  17. Can your labels be used outside?
    Yes, with the correct material construction.

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