2D & QR (Quick Response) Codes

Welcome to the next paradigm in barcode applications. 2D barcodes are robust, high-density barcodes that are capable of carrying an abundance of data – far more data than standard barcodes. Labels West has the capability to print variable or consecutive 2D barcodes on labels, tags and a variety of other substrates.

Quick Snapshot of 2D codes…

Variable 2D codes are already being used in a variety of markets. You may have heard the term "traceability" in the produce market. Variable 2D codes may contain specific information about a product's origination location, manufacturer details, processing dates, shipping dates, and a variety of other data. Many companies are seeing great value in this type of application and have even begun requiring their suppliers to include this technology in their labeling and identification materials.

QR codes are a specific type of 2D code that offers unique and interactive applications. These interactive codes may contain automatic instructions to send you to a specific website via a smartphone loaded with an app that converts the camera in your phone to a scanner. You will begin to see QR codes on wine labels, in ads, at stores, and a variety of other location. The technology is opening up a new avenue of "mobile marketing" opportunities.

Companion Products

  • Security Labels
  • Data processing & warehousing labels
  • Asset tags
  • Scratch off game pieces
  • Promotional and direct response

Ideas & Applications for QR & 2D Codes

    • Product traceability when combined with variable data
    • Product authentication
    • Mobile marketing
    • Security applications when combined with variable data
    • Drive traffic to a website
    • Embed a code with company or contact info

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